Tuesday, November 17, 2009

China Glaze, Wagon Trail

Outdoors, shade.
Outdoors, sun.
Outdoors, sun.
Outdoors, sun.
Far Off.

So, Merry Midnight doesn't last on me: it chipped off my right index finger. I wonder if it's because I was wearing six coats of nail polish at the time, though, so don't take my word on how long-lasting it is just yet. Thick polishes come off faster. It was a relief, anyway; the coats were so heavy that my nails hurt as I removed the two. Gah. ):

I'd been dying to try Wagon Trail for a while now, so I did: it's lovely. I can't say it's my favorite polish, because it isn't--I don't think my skin tone is right for it. It makes me look sallow, as it brings out the yellow overtones on my skin. But god, it's incredible. Looks like black in low lighting---in fact, looking at it right now I could swear it's black, but it just lights up in the sun. I just love a polish with a couple secrets. (I can't say the same for almost-black cremes, though. Boo.) The effect is not unlike finding a treasure under the dirt, so to speak. It looks like a gold that's been so sullied it only brightens under strong light.

I'm afraid that my pictures do not do this polish justice at all: it's nowhere near that dark when the sun hits it. It attains a glowy, lit-from-within look when under direct sunlight, and glistens interestingly in shade and partial light. I'll try to take better pictures tomorrow, but the fall quarter is beginning to wrap up and I'm in the middle of tying together all of my final projects, which is stressful for me. (Not to mention that my roommates know about my polish obsession, but not how far it goes: you try taking sunlit pictures in secret and see if you could cover up the fact that you were taking a picture of your manicure.)

This is two coats, and absolutely perfect. It's my personal opinion that Wagon Trail is actually a black base with a ridiculous amount of olive green/gold glitter, but most people seem to think it's a dark olive base with gold glitter. I dunno.

On another note, I know that the far-off pictures changed! I can't take the photos under artificial light anymore: my lamp has finally run its course. The bulb is exclusive and I have to order it online (BOO, lack of instant lighting, BOO), so as you can imagine I've been unable to do much at my own desk after the sun sets... which is about four thirty nowadays. D: Hopefully, things will change after next week, when I get to visit the source and demand a replacement personally. I can hardly wait to get my lamp back.

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  1. That is a beautiful color! I hope that you get your lamp back soon!