Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics, Chainmail Charm

Chainmail Charm was my latest lemming out of the charcoal/black holos since 1) MPJ holo is ridiculously difficult to find and keep, and 2) Diamond Cosmetics is cheaper than Color Club. Admittedly, not by much, but still: cheaper.

I am so impressed with this quality, the application, the colors of this brand. I doubt that Chainmail charm will remain my only diamond for long!

Anyway, I discovered that Holo is a ridiculous thing to try to capture. For example:
Here is Chainmail Charm in the shade. All my sun pictures came out ridiculous and blinding, and I figured there was no point trying to post them--still, only the faintest glimmer of its real oilslick holo goodness. So then I used flash.

This is two coats of Chainmail Charm, and omg holo goodness. Do you see that, how the rainbow seems to make a chevron figure across the nails? It's really something. Reminds me of fishscales, or.. well, chainmail. (It's aptly named! I love aptly named polish!)

And to be honest I have to admit that I like how elusive the holo is. I like how I went to a staff meeting for copyeditors in what people thought was a warm grey polish speckled with white, or silver, only to turn into this bevy of color in the sun. It glimmers just like this under my lamp, too (or it would, if my lamp wasn't dead) so I still have a distraction when I'm doing homework, among other things! Yaaay!


  1. Nice! I just ordered this one (and a few others). Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I just ordered this one (and 9 others) over the weekend too! Supposedly it shipped out yesterday and so I am hoping it will be here in time for my usual weekend date with the manicure supplies :) Seeing these pics just makes me even happier I decided to get this one!!

  3. Polish'd Cindy: Oh, awesome! (You'll love it.)
    Jennifer: I think Chainmail Charm is supposed to be one of the Diamond Cosmetics must-haves? There's something awesome about this polish, truly. I NEED to know the eight others you got, though!

    Gildedangel: Thanks! You're so sweet. :)

    Luminous: Thank you very much!

  4. I think this is a gorgeous polish. I have Revvolution so I didn't need to buy this. If I didn't have Revvolution I would definitely buy the Diamond Cosmetics. It's a beautiful holo. Your nails look lovely.