Monday, November 2, 2009

Secret Santa

OMG IT CAME GUYS IT CAME. And it is AWESOME: Judy, thank you SO MUCH for this! It's everything I possibly could have ever wanted; you are so kind.

So. I joined an Elfster polish bloggers' secret santa gift exchange, where the requirements were either twenty dollars on polish or two bottles. I hadn't expected nine--NINE--polishes, along with all the other goodies! (Note: I mean twelve, includin' the minis. :D)

Let's take a look:

A super-cute Ulta and OPI mini set of PINKS--just in time, too, since I'd been spending an inordinate amount of time gazing at pink polishes! (Dunno why. I'm usually not a pink person, but I am THRILLED to have these)

Vivid topcoat from colorclub, CHAINMAIL CHARM from DIAMOND COSMETICS, and a blue and pink bar glitter from Jesse's Girl

Two out of these three are surprises, but very pleasant indeed! I'm just about ready to shell money for a new topcoat just as this one came strolling by and that glitter looks so fantabulous! I want to wear this for new year's over black polish or something. It will be awesome.

A color club white creme ( no name ), CHINA GLAZE FOR AUDREY, and Nicole by OPI Shimmy Shimmer. Awesome. Needed a white creme, dreamed of For Audrey, and Shimmy Shimmer just...well, looks -amazing-. I think, judging from what I can see under my weak lamp, it's a dark purple with a light green duochrome. I really wanted a duochrome. Sigh. :D


Omg wagon trail. It is far more glorious in real life than in pitchers. Truth. It glimmers and glitters and tempts but truthfully I've had waaaay too much dark color in the past two weeks. It will have to wait. Sex Symbol looks awesome for parties, layering, and frankens (which is why I wanted it!) and 2nite! ANOTHER HOLO! I can't wait.

And she topped it all off with a grape-flavored gloss, a tootsie-roll lip balm (not pictured) and this awesome leopard print file. And see that white thing? That's FELT. The classic way of taking off glitter for the fussy personality! I've never had or used felt before, but you know that now I will! Ha! I can't keep away from the exclamation marks!

So. Judy. Judy Judy Judy. You are an incredible secret santa (and I just strolled through your blog, hah, and discovered little hints of what you got me in there) and such a wonderful person. This was a wonderful happy way to end what was a downer of a day (midterms, spills, general frowns and sad faces etc) and I can't wait to use all of these. You are amazing. I can't thank you enough. :)


  1. Wow makes me almost feel undergifted with the one im sending to my secret santa person :( But what nice gifts :D thats for sure :))

  2. I know right?! That's exactly how I feel, and I thought I'd done a decent job, too. *sob* I don't deserve this D:

  3. Judy is so sweet! This reminds me that I need to send out the package this week!

  4. Trust me, I was able to give you all this and stay within the $20 for the polishes! (the extras were extras) I have incredible beauty supply stores around me so I was able to stay under budget with the ones you wanted and throw in extras!!!! I love the holidays and gift giving, and I am SO EXCITED that you loved your gift, and also that it got to you in one piece!!!

  5. Wow if you have that cheap prices at your store judy, please be my santa to and send me china glaze :P

  6. Judy: hahahaha, that's incredible. :) The only way I can get deals round here is by severe hunting or online, so this is absolutely thrilling. I love them so much; I don't even know where to start! I have to admit I'm the same about gift-giving, though; I think I might be the only person on the swap who, um, wrapped the gifts. *shame*

    rijaH: lolol awwww :3

  7. Judy is awsome :-) what a great gift! enjoy it!

  8. What a fantastic gift! My swap parcel hasn't arrived yet but we have had really bad post strikes here :(

    I love Judy. We did a swap recently and she was so thoughtful with everything she sent me.

  9. Fantastic present. Judy is so sweet and thoughtful. I have yet to send out my gift. (Hangs head in deep shame). I will be good to my recipient. Love that file!

  10. Inbaluly: I am definitely enjoying it! Although the corner where I hide my stash is beginning to reek of polish... hmmmm. *sprays febreeze*

    Helen: oh no! I hope you get your parcel safely and in time! and Judy is truly wonderful. :)

    Lucy: Yes she is! And don't worry; I think the deadline was only to make certain we don't send in December, when postal packages begin to delay due to Christmas. You'll be fine!

    And the file is really something--I hadn't realized I needed to replace my old one until I started using it. And I love how inherently fabulous it is. :D