Sunday, November 15, 2009

OPI, Merry Midnight

Merry Midnight, indoors
Merry Midnight, shade.
Merry Midnight, direct sunlight.
Further off.

Holy smoke.

This is yet another polish that's astoundingly difficult to capture--not, necessarily, for what it physically looks like, but because its depth and its sparkle just doesn't translate well onto photo. It's lovely. It is the classy, colorful, clean sister of Hot-Mess 212: they're similar in that they both have the same sort of flakie and two kinds of glitter. But 212 drinks and parties all night and has no memory of the occasion and the worst hangover ever. Merry Midnight cracks open a bottle of champagne and flirts under the mistletoe during holiday parties, has fun, and never loses too much control.

I love both of them, in truth--they're so unique (except similar to each other)! They're so pretty! They have so much depth and sparkle! They wear like effing iron (I hope, at least, for MM's sake). What's not to love?

That's what I thought. I like MM's jelly consistency, the surprising blue sparkle, the flakies that give it an opalescent look (it only cemented (hah) my idea that 212 looked like asphalt, but it works in a totally opposite way with MM). I love how perfectly it put itself on. I just love it. That is all.

P.S. Did I mention the flakes are duochrome? They're duochrome. Oh, and this was three coats over Princesses Rule! The index finger is just MM, and it's still three coats--the polish applies sheer. A base is probably a good idea, but I imagine you'd probably want at least two coats of MM then, anyway, and so it really doesn't make much of a difference. :)

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  1. I love this color; I hate how pictures can never do this polish justice!