Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Essie, Mint Candy Apple

MCA, indoors. The only good indoors pic I've ever taken! (color isn't true, though; MCA is greener than that.) MCA, sunlight.
MCA, shade.
MCA far off.

I think the only picture where the color is true to what I see on my hands is that last one: the color pretty much looks just like that. It's the exact color of mint ice cream! Nom nom nom. This is two or three coats, depending. My left hand is entirely three coats. Right, not so much.

Anyway. MCA was the biggest lemming of the holiday season, other than Merry Midnight (which I also have), so receiving it in the mail was kind of exciting. The color is absolutely gorgeous in the bottle. I kind of want to put it on display everywhere. So pretty. Anyway, I'd wanted Mint Candy Apple since I'd seen the Chanel fall collection, with all the black and tweed and sudden green pops that I wanted to emulate (which I did, today, to an effect I love). So I got it, and now I have it, and it is lovely and I hope to wear it all the time come winter and spring.

I've heard people complain about the difficulty of putting on MCA, but for me MCA applies exactly like St. Lucia Lilac: it's a tad watery, a tad runny but dries on thick. A little bit of cuticle pull, but that can be fixed. Again, I like Essie (*hide*) so none of this bothers me much.

So um, yes. I love this color. I can't wait to wear it with sparkles or with black polka dots or with black funky french or with a hot pink or or or yeah. A lot of things. Teehee. :3


  1. Love the colour it has on the last picture :D Think I have to reconsider if I need this :P

  2. Gosh, it is such a gorgeous color. I am stopping by a Trade Secret tonight to see if I can get my hands on it!

  3. rijaH: geeet iiiit. It is truly nothing like the myriad of green mints that came out this season and is by far my favorite. :D (granted, I don't have the others)

    gildedangel: Get it! Get it! Get it!

  4. Looks gorgeous on you. I have to buy this baby. You took some fantastic pictures of it.

  5. Lucy: Thanks! I love my MCA, so so so much. :D

  6. This is currently at the top of my want list. I love that you take pictures from further away! My sister and I do that occasionally on our blog too. It is hard to get a feel for what it looks like on an actual person out and about in the world if you only show closeups!

  7. Such a gorgeous color. I just put it on and topped it with candy-pink polka dots (Stripe Rite polish). Nom nom nom!

  8. April and Ashley: thanks! It's a great polish; get it while you can! You know the thing about weird-colored Essie polishes: they disappear.

    And yeah, that's why I take pictures from further off. I wanted to give an impression of what it looks like, and it also seems to be most color-accurate :)

    Geekwhit: Candy-pink polka dots sound amazing with MCA. Wow. :) I also want to top it with a white sugary glitter, if anyone could rec it to me. :)