Friday, November 13, 2009

OPI, Princesses Rule!

Outdoors, shade.
Outdoors, direct sunlight.

Outdoors, direct sunlight.

This is number two out of the Pink minis set I received from Judy. It's a sheer pink with silver glassfleck, and shiny as all getout. Particularly in shade or areas that aren't too bright--take a look at it. The silveriness of the polish comes out strongest in shade and indoors. This is three coats--I was trying to cover the VNL, but I don't think it's possible without sacrificing the pink of the base. I don't really mind it, as is: Princesses Rule! is so shiny that you can hardly tell there's VNL in life.

Haha, can you guys see the ugly stained yellow of my nails? Shame. Sigh. (Admittedly, going to work with naked nails ONCE would probably result in both ridiculously broken nails -and- white nails: bleach works every time) On another note, it reminds me of the Dodoclub that was the first NOTD on this blog--pinker, and far easier to apply than the old thing, too. That's comforting; if I really wanted a glassfleck I could just buy Princesses Rule instead of pining for the older, asian, discontinued bottle.

I like it a lot. I'm not entirely sure why: it's not exactly unique, or original. It's not flattering on my hands, either, not like Dodoclub (guess I have to look for something else, then): it's so pale and so shiny that I look ridiculously dark and dull-skinned. But I like it. I like staring at it, and it's simple and kind of entrancing. I imagine that this is also a great layering polish--can't wait to try it over black, and a couple of pastels just to see what happens. :)

I'm in the middle of considering something--well, not new, per se, but... different--from what I'm doing with Lemming Monster right now. It's a weird time to think of these things, so I'll let you know once... hmm, I finish trying eight polishes!


  1. What a gorgeous color; I have been considering getting this one.

  2. This is one polish with VNL that I don't mind. Princesses Rule is just a beautiful shade. Looks fantastic on you.

  3. Gildedangel: Get it! I think it'd be gorgeous on you, and I love the idea of a fun but totally work-appropriate color. Versatility to the max. :)

    Lucy: Thanks! I'm not entirely sure about whether or not it's flattering, but I love this color more day by day.