Friday, November 20, 2009

Sally Hansen, Opulent Cloud

So. My Opulent Cloud story:

I'd gotten wind of all the hype surrounding this really difficult-to-find polish. I saw the swatches. I thought 'meh'. It didn't seem to be one of those things that actually worked on me, so I forgot about it. By 'forgot about it' I mean 'stared at the swatches every time the name came up to see if it looked awesome'.

Anyway, about two weeks ago I was going through the local CVS when I found a full display of the limited HD series. And two Opulent Clouds. I picked one up. I nearly danced with joy. I took a walk around the entire store to calm myself, paid for it, and walked out.

I understand that this reaction is very extreme for a polish I didn't like. But when I studied it in the sun, I realized that it was absolutely lovely in the bottle. I could try it, once. If I didn't like it, I could always swap it to an unfortunate Opulent Cloud lover for something quite nice indeed. I took it home.

Then it sat on my bookshelf until... er, now, after I've tried it on for the first time.

Guys? This polish LOVES my skin.

As usual, the last, far-off pic describes my love affair with Opulent Cloud better than the close-ups could. Quite enamored of the angle pics, though.

This is two easy peasy coats. Applied like whoa (brush is funny-looking, but okay) and dried like whoa and looks like THAT. Shines a lot more subtly than the pictures would have you believe, and for sure it's a warm gold flash. On me, it looks gunmetally and nowhere near its grey-purple base. (IRL.) I look like scifi. I love it. It rather loves me, too.

Well, okay. I need to get to the post office and the supermarket before the sun sets completely, and before I decide to trek to the gym, and I kind of want to roll around with a mocha before hitting the treadmill.

Ah, Fridays. How I love thee.

(I kind of wish I picked up the other bottle instead of letting some other intrepid nail junkie take it. I'll be so sad when this is all gone.)


  1. Very lovely. I had the same reaction when I found my bottle of Opulent Cloud.

  2. It just doesn't do anything for me. I have had a million of these over the years and just find them boring these days. Lovely pix (as always) and I'm glad you love it and Hansen aren't going to worry that one person doesn't like it as it is probably sold-out anyway but I still think it's "meh".

  3. Stephanie: I was kind of surprised by how excited I got by it. Is this the rush other people get when they find HTFs? I imagine I might scream or something.

    gildedangel: LOL, I love this polish so much. If I find it, I'll send it to you!

    jaljen: I'm sorry it didn't do anything for you, really. :< I know that OC is a hit-or-miss type polish, and I was surprised to find I liked it as much as I did. I hadn't liked it at all in swatches, or even too much in the bottle. The worst of it is probably that six bucks is a lot to spend on something you don't like, y'know? D: