Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blush In a Mood Nail Polish, Blue

Blue, in the world of Blush, apparently signifies the "mysterious" mood. Stare at that pretty baby for a while and let me know if that's the first thing that comes to ya.

(Three coats, like every other Blush polish--also, it's after two days of wear, so pardon the tipwear and the scratches. Looks pretty good for that long a time, no?)

This color is my favorite so far out of the Blush set, although I disagree with the name. It doesn't remind me of mystery at all, as much as it does ridiculously bright summer skies, pools, beaches. It has all the energy and brightness of the words "summer vacation". I want this color on my toes.

The far-off pic, like usual, depicts the color accurately for being in the shade: there's a tad more of a greeny tint than what's suggested in first picture. Actually, I thought the color was similar to Illamasqua Muse, but I couldn't be more wrong--Muse is decidedly greener, and dustier, than the true-turquoise that's on my nails right now.

I'm really surprised at the wear of these polishes:  when applied properly, they seem to last for days! I have a little bit of tipwear, but no signs of cracks or chips yet.

Three more to go!


  1. Great! What a royal blue color! It is favorite color of mine too. Looks amazing.

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