Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Franken, Sparkling Shiraz

I used up my bottle of RBL Bikini Bottom this weekend (it took fifteen mani/pedis, for anybody who's curious: since Bikini Bottom takes three coats to be opaque, it went pretty quickly...still, I am considering buying the polish again, I loved it so dang much), and so I cleaned out the bottle and took it home to my full stash for frankening purposes. I'd been dreaming of a wine-colored jelly glitter for ages without resorting to buying BB Couture's Napa Valley Red since it'd break my no-buy, and I realized that I had the means of creating the polish myself.

And--here it is! Her name is Sparkling Shiraz, to play on the red-wine-glitter-as-carbonation thing. Woot. It's two coats.
Please click on all pictures for gigantic images. (Note to self: apply more cuticle cream.)
These are all almost color-accurate: in real life, Sparkling Shiraz is nowhere near as brown-toned.

It's kind of like my first franken, but it's not! It is the color of red wine in the sun! It has a few gold sparkles! I like it! It's not exactly what I expected, but I like it!

The recipe goes as follows:

1. 1/4 Color Club Sex Symbol
2. 1/4 OPI We'll Always Have Paris
3. Almost 1/2 clear polish
4. Fill the rest with OPI Dazzled by Gold (shouldn't be much; just enough to provide interest)

Mix well.

It wore well, but most glitters wear well on me.

I have two frankens coming up soon--I actually don't know how one of them will look on the nail at all, so that would be an... interesting experience. The other seems to be quite similar to China Glaze's Good Witch, but less opaque and frosty. I'm not sure; I don't really know what I'm talkin about. We'll see, yes?

At some point. I think.


  1. Ooo, shiraz. Tres classy. This looks great :) I have Stafish Patrick...I've only had it for a month and I've already made a considerable dent in my bottle. I can't imagine it'll last too long. Glad you found a good use for your bottle!

  2. Love this color. You're awesome at frankens! Keep 'em comin

  3. gildedangel: thanks, sweetie! :)

    Stephanie: Yus yus, but I love my Shiraz. Apparently there really is a sparkling version; I really want to try it. And deng, Starfish Patrick is on my lemming list... :( In case you were wondering, RBL bottles are awesome for frankening. Just about the right size for it to last, with a perfect brush. I love it.

    Ange-Marie: Thanks so much, you're making me blush *^^*

  4. Wow, this is seriously cool! I love it. Want it. And love the name. ;)

  5. aww, thanks, Nicole. :) that means a lot to me.