Monday, January 25, 2010

Blush In a Mood Nail Polish, Fuschia

Ah. Much better, no?

We're still continuing the Blush set, and I'm currently on Fuschia, which apparently means "Friendly."  Like everything else so far, it's a three-coater jelly (the only one so far not to have VNL, btw) and super glossy. (On a random note:  I predict you can do about 4-6 mani/pedis with one color each.)

More random:  the bow comes from a sticker set I picked up at Forever21.  Note to self:  Seche Vite is NOT a good topcoat for nail art stickers--the rapid shrinking that quickdry topcoats do causes the sticker to wrinkle, bubble, gap. I don't know how that ribbon bit tore off, by the way; when I woke up it was just that way.

I initially thought this color was more Magenta than Fuschia, but--again, sunlight proves me wrong. I had a friend who once told me that if auras existed, mine would probably be magenta.  Wikipedia says that the magenta aura belongs to a highly creative and artistic, openminded person. Isn't that funny? The word just makes me think of Blues Clues.

I should no longer write these entries at four in the morning. Crud. x_o 


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