Friday, January 29, 2010

Blush In a Mood Nail Polish, Orange

Look:  I don't like orange. There's a lot of reasons for me not to like orange, but one of them is that they just look horrible on my skin. Another is that my mother spent quite a bit of time under the delusion that orange was one of my best colors and continually decked me out in it until my classmates made fun of me.

I don't like orange, and I don't find it a "funny" color, and it does not evoke moods of humor in me. I'm sorry, Blush's little heart-shaped tagline. Orange is not funny.

I hate orange...but I LOVE this.

Blush's orange is a true jelly color that takes three coats to approach the amount of pigmentation that you see on my nails right there. You'll get visible nail line, slightly, when the sun hits the jelly just so, but y'know what? I don't mind that.  This polish looks so juicy, somehow. Like a tiny pulp of a tangerine, magnified.

(But y'know, you can always put a white base on it.)


  1. I hear ya at the orange thing, but this jelly does look lovely indeed!

  2. Wow! This orange color looks so glorious. There is so much shine. I love this color.

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  3. This looks great on you.....maybe you'll change your mind about oranges? LOL....
    where do you buy "Blush"?

  4. That orange color is stunning!

  5. To all: Thanks! I do like it a lot. :)

    Yardsticks 4 Lunatics: You can buy the Blush mini set at Ross, which seems to be where everybody who swatched them (Beauty Judy, et al.) found them. I will also be giving away an extra set (STAY TUNED) at some point!

  6. i dont normally like orange at all but this one looks really nice :)

  7. what the website for this nail company?? thanks x