Friday, January 15, 2010

Color Club Sex Symbol

Oh Hello. I've joined the Glittery Dark Side.

Y'know, I originally bought (er, "was given"--thanks again, Judy!) Sex Symbol so I could franken with it. And I do franken with it--it was 50% of Bibbity Bobbity Blue, and a good chunk of a new franken that I'm plotting, which will hopefully happen this weekend. I also figured I'd be using the rest of it for glittery topcoat funsies. Then I put it on my nail. Then the glittery dark side thing happened. You know the story.

This next picture is blurry to show you the glitter.

This is three coats--three coats to achieve full glitterbomb opacity. This is ridiculously distracting on the nail, by the way: I put it on a day before rain, but this morning it was sunny and when I walked out--whoa. My fingers could become magpie bait, seriously. They probably would be, if the place I live had any magpies. As it were, I kept distracting small birds.

It wears well--I took it off today because I was no longer distracted and I couldn't imagine wearing it the first day I tutor a class--and the application is quite good. Nothing at all to complain about, especially for color club's prices. Have I ever mentioned how much I like color club? I'm constantly surprised to find that this is the only bottle of CC that I have. I really like it.

I guess that means I will actually be throwing down money for the Alice in Wonderland glitters, now... heheh. :)