Friday, July 30, 2010

Deborah Lippmann, Across the Universe

Holy Cow.

I've worn a lot of Lippmanns by now--four of them, actually--and I think this one is by far my favorite. I tried taking tons of pictures, but there is nothing that I've taken that can capture its incredible depth. The effect of looking at Across the Universe is like... looking at jewels underwater. It catches light in a glossy way that first reflects off the blue before the hex glitter catches a gleam. Fascinating.

Anyway, Across the Universe is one of two that Deborah Lippmann has released for her fall collection. It is a deep blue jelly base, filled with blue and green hexagonal glitter as well as blue square glitter. It took three coats--which I think is necessary--to reach this opacity, and it was also somewhat difficult to apply.  I can imagine that this polish would get thick easily; I recommend a few drops of thinner. Beyond its gloopiness and the issue about glitter placement, I had little problems on application.

But can we take a few moments and just talk about the sheer awesome of this polish?


I couldn't really stop staring at this while I had it on. If I've done my research right, this polish is supposed to encapsulate entire galaxies in a single bottle, but I don't think of the sky when I look at this. (In some ways, I do with Lady Sings the Blues, but whatever.) I think of the ocean, and in that way I can't find a polish more appropriate in the summer than this one. I love this.

Have a great weekend, guys! I'll be moving out in the time that you're all reading this--I'm finally, finally a college graduate!

Things will get hectic and crazy in the next month, but I'll let you all know later--for now, it's a secret! ;)


  1. I love that polish! I've seen a few swatches of it before, but I think yours are the best I've seen so far. Maybe I need to add this one to my collection. Congratulations, graduate!

  2. Super gorgeous.. really. I must get this one.

  3. Congrats on graduating!! Gorgeous polish :)

  4. Stephanie: aww, thanks! For everything you've said thus far. I really do love it; 18 dollars was totally worth it.

    Steelnpurple: Yuuup! You do. You really do. *enable*

    Jana: thanks so much~