Monday, July 12, 2010

Franken, Felix in Amore

So, I had this theory:  frost-ish shimmers + clear would eventually chill the eff out once you threw in enough clear.  In fact, I presumed that enough clear in a shimmer would eventually allow the shimmery particles to float in a sheer base.  I also figured that enough coats of a sheer would eventually make it opaque, thereby creating a softly shimmery pastel jelly. Yum yum!

I was mostly thinking these things because I had this horrific hate relationship with Sinful Colors' Sharon's Heart.  Remind me to show you a picture sometime soon, but it was 1) really bad with my skin tone, 2) a color my mother used to like maybe six years ago, 3) weirdly twee, and 4) flashed a sick green. I liked the hint of green in Sharon's heart, and wondered if it would be preserved if I tested my theory on it.

Not necessarily, but I liked the color anyway:  the result was Felix in Amore (latin for Lucky in Love), which I would consider remotely successful.  The color is a sheer pink with gold shimmer that took three coats for opacity. 

It's not, by any means, an original color:  I imagine that Felix comes really, really close to NYX Jillian, and is even a kissing color to the ever-popular ChG, Strawberry Fields (SF is glass-flecked, though). I'm proud of it nonetheless, and it's nice to own a pink for the ever-dreary professional-color future. And this is such a fun color during the summer! This is the color that a friend of mine chose to wear on our Disneyland escapade, where our hands looked like this:

The downward hand is hers, wearing Felix in Amore with a Dazzled by Gold tip (she called it her princess nails since it looked as though she had a tiara on each finger). The upward hand is mine, wearing OPI's Absolutely Alice, of course. :P


  1. I love that color with your Skin Tone....Ur nails look so Refreshed. It looks like Pink lemon-aid.

  2. mzc1ark24: awww, thank you! That's one of the nicest things about this color I've heard in a while. :) It really is a lovely summer color though; you should try it!