Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kleancolor, Tahiti Sunset

Um. . .

Staring at Kleancolor's Tahiti Sunset made me wonder whether or not I liked crazy glitters in theory.  I had all kinds of misgivings about this polish:  the yellow tone would make my stained nails look more stained, but it didn't seem to be dark enough to pull opaque. I was so sure I had plague on my hands, but I put three coats of its sheer, bronzy self to see if I could make it work.

In the pictures, it still induces a sickening reaction, but on the skin it wasn't... really bad as long as you weren't looking close up. The gold was nice. Glittery. A flash of red and holo glitter, occasionally, from its respective sources. but close up...


are you kind of able to see what I mean? So glossy! So shiny! Even without sunlight! Still, barely passable on its own.

So I put it on over black:

This is two coats over Kleancolor's Taihti Sunset, and that was much, much better. Akin to watching confetti sprinkle through the night sky.  The gold that was so prominent in the previous manicure took backstage here when over black, but the red and the holo string glitter became very prominent, glaring under certain angles.

But see that golden shimmer there? Really, that's the kind of stuff that I live for.

I supposed that meant that I really did like funky glitter in theory.

Then I met the Lippmann collection, which you will be seeing this week.


  1. Hmm I didn't think it looked bad alone, but it does look better over black :)

  2. Jen: right? I thought so as well, thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy! :) But perhaps in a different mood, I'd like it alone just as much...