Thursday, July 29, 2010

notd (fail?): I have a question...

Look very carefully at that picture. Try to ignore its various imperfections, of which there are many--I painted this by the light of a single candle. Just look at the color.

Does it look like a gradient to you?

Look again:

(lol, sorry; say hello to my balcony/picture-taking place! Hello...)

Again, does that look like a gradient?

Because it is.

I'm afraid that the color distinction from the base of the nail to the tips was difficult to see in real life, because I'm strangely phobic about color gradients that are really obviously done.  I wanted this gradient to smoothly transition between the orange and the red jellies that I've chosen, but I suppose there isn't enough area on the nail to do so without fooling the eye. It's most definitely smooth.

If it exists.

So, tell me... is that a gradient, or is that a really good gradient optical illusion?

I think I need to experiment some more...


  1. You want a gradient that doesn't look like a gradient?
    You got it!!!!

    It's kind of - I can see it now you told me to look for it but I don't think it's really there. Does that make sense?

  2. Looks like a very subtle gradient to me - was that the plan?

  3. i can see the gradient in the first picture. but not the thumbnail picture

  4. to me it looks more like a gradient in the second photo. but once i zoomed in it was harder to see. Maybe try using a slightly lighter colour next time with the orange

  5. It looks gradient to me! Both on the first and second picture, but more distinctively on the second one!

  6. jaljen: well, I wanted it to be smooth, but very clearly a gradient. Siiiigh...

    Cali369: I'm not sure! If that's the case, I think I would've just painted it a solid color, but...

    Scandalous: lol, thanks!

    Danielle: I think I'm going to try this next with a yellow instead of an orange, actually--a greater variation in color would probably allow for more color disparity? Just a guess...

    Steelnpurple: awww, you're sweet! I couldn't tell it was a gradient, though, IRL, so I thiink that this needs to be solved in some other way...

  7. I didn't see it until I read down further then looked at the pic.

    How did you do it?

  8. I thought it looked like a very subtle gradient before I saw the question. It definitely makes you think about it.

  9. contests: have you ever seen the syrup nail tutorial thing? once I've got this down pat, I'll make one myself! :P

    Sarah: maan, I'm not sure at all... D: I just wanted a really smooth gradient!