Friday, July 16, 2010

Franken, Pink Pirouette

First hint that your nail polish obsession (I affectionately call it "My Crazy") is beginning to rub off on the people you live with:  they start making frankens.  After I came back to the apartment last weekend, a roommate of mine bounded in and said, look at this color! You should try it; I just made it.  And then you can post it up on your blog!

Apparently I'm not very good at hiding the Crazy in the closet.

 I'm... not actually sure what it is.  A pink-purple-grey creme-jelly thing. Sometimes, in indoor lighting, it even looks taupe.  I did know that it looked soft and sweet and feminine, and so I named it Pink (?) Pirouette, among other things, and this was the name that she liked.  It applied horrifically, and took two to three coats to get it to look the way it does on me; she claims that it took four on her.  On the other hand, it wears ridiculously well--I took it off due to ADD, and not because it chipped.

The recipe is as follows:
-1/2 bottle of a sheer pink (roommate used Artistry Happiness, which, I assume, leans slightly purple from the color that it became)
-5 or so drops of black (roommate used WnW Black, a nail board favorite)
-shake well.

(Do you see what I mean about the taupe, now?)

So, roomie, I hope you're happy! For what it's worth, I think this is an excellent color with excellent wear time. And, of course, right up your essie-loving alley. Good stuff.


  1. Roomie did a gorgeous job. I adore. <3

  2. You know, it's a weird color, but it's actually pretty. The magpie in me wants to add some shimmer to it, but I don't know if that's a good idea or not!

  3. Happiness doesn't lean purple. It's the WnW black, when added to light colors, the black makes it purple hinted. I'm guessing the black is purple based...? does this make sense...? IDK 'bout nail polish... T_T

  4. jellynat: aww, thanks!

    Laynie: I love it! It was a bit of a pain to apply, but it really is sophisticated--and, y'know, a little pink or purple shimmer probably won't hurt it, if you're hankering to try it yourself!

    kk: have you tried the black with other light colors? black's usually not purple-based, although it usually is red, blue, or green. So my guess'd be blue, which added to a pink would create a kind of purple...?