Monday, July 26, 2010

Deborah Lippmann, Lady Sings The Blues

(Pardon the dent on the rightmost finger:  a hex glitter fell out while the mani was half dry, which left that little mark.)

This was my first Lippmann polish, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  I'd heard that this was going to be Ruby Red Slippers (sooo sexyyy) but blue, and that pretty much sounded like all sorts of awesome.  Like RRS, Lady sings the Blues holds hex and small square glitter of the same color, but the similarities seem to end there.

For one, LStB is... not a jelly.  The blue base is very, very pigmented, and covers the nail in one coat. The issue with this seems to be that the glitter within the polish sinks underneath the base, rendering all potential silveriness into a sort of murky blue.

I had expected far more glitterbombiness, but... I also like it this way. It feels classy and glamorous, like a woman in a sequined, sexy evening dress.  It makes me think of hazy nights in jazz clubs, which is, I think, the inspiration behind this piece. It is sultry, attention-grabbing, but subtle at the same time:  not a combination that makes sense unless you experience it yourself.  I've had people grab my hands for a closer look at this polish, although I feel certain that it looks pretty much like a navy blue from far off. There's something special about this.

And despite the fact that I have other polishes, and other lippmanns to try, I keep wanting to put this one on again. It's that ineffable mystery, I guess. :)


  1. The murkiness bothered me, but you're right, it is special--nothing else quite like it out there.

  2. You know, I keep seeing this polish on various blogs, and there's something about it that just draws me in. Is it difficult to apply? It looks like it would drive me insane, between the chunky glitter and the jelliness of it.

    Still, I keep looking at it... looking, and thinking, and wondering what it would look like on my little nubbins...

  3. KarenD: right? D: I think I'll use up some of it and then throw in a bunch of clear to lighten it up a little bit. After throwing on AtU I think it needs to be sheer to allow the glitter to shine...

    Laynie: Nope! It's a little bit thick, but it's not difficult at all~ Also, I think Lippmann hex glitters have a tendency to look better on shorties. :D Try it!

    Steelnpurple: thanks. XD I think so, too!